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Take control of your voicemail and learn more about TrapCall's voicemail service.

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Activate Your TrapCall Account (0:31)

Activate your TrapCall account by carefully copying and pasting TrapCall's activation numbers into your phone's dialer. Just enter and dial the number into your dial pad, as though you are placing a call. Be sure to include special characters like * and #.

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Activate TrapCall on iPhone 6 (or newer) (0:56)

Find out how to easily set up TrapCall on iPhone 6 or newer.

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How to unmask calls with TrapCall (0:30)

Learn how to reveal who is behind blocked calls on Android and iPhone devices.

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Setting up TrapCall through your carrier (1:07) 

Sometimes there are times your phone will display an error when attempting to set up TrapCall. This is simply because your phone is unable to connect to your carrier to set up Conditional Call Forwarding. In this short video, Dolores will explain how easy it is to contact your carrier and have them assist in your set up.